Trade and Development

1. Rice prices in Indonesia

Rice is one of the major commodities in Indonesia and globally it is one of the largest producer. In order to protect the farmers and reduce poverty, the government of Indonesia has put in place a number of policies to help protect the farmers including price control in the form of floor prices, including protection of local producers against competition from international market. However, despite the protection and import restrictions, the gains of the market can be argued to be mainly to the benefit of retailers and wholesalers and not the producers. Importantly, we explore the role of Bulog stock in stabilizing price of rice in Indonesia using a threshold cointegration model using the Bulog stock as the trigger for the prices. The result shows that it is the average Bulog stock in three months that matters and not the stock in one month or average in two or four months. That is, the stock can be low in one month and not result in volatility in the market but if that reduction is sustained for three months then it triggers the differences in regime.

2. Trade, poverty and peace in Mauritania

3. Trade and poverty in Myanmar


4. Neither perfect nor equal: Evidence on the dynamics of price transmission from Nigeria.