I remain interested in teaching students and policy makers how to see the the world like an economist – tradeoffs exists in all economic decisions and ignoring the costs and benefits of managing the environment can lead to large negative outcomes. This main thrust has led to teaching courses on applied econometrics and environmental economics at the undergraduate, Master’s, and PhD levels. I have taught the environmental economics for policy makers that explains how to measure society’s preferences for environmental and generally non-market services such as recreation sites, poluution damages or forests.

I have taught advanced econometrics classes at University of Pretoria, South Africa for five years and also introductory natural resource and environmental economics classes. I have also taught introductory environmental economics classes to different audiences especially policy makers in different countries.

Some of these classes include:

  1. Quantitative Analysis in Agricultural Economics (AERC graduate program)

  2. Quantitative Methods for Environmental Economics (AERC graduate priogram)

  3. Natural Resources Management, Environmental Economics and Environmental Policy (University of Pretoria)

  4. Economic and Business Decision Tools (Iowa State University)

  5. Principles of Economics (Iowa State University)