Hey there! Welcome to my website.

I have a PhD in economics and statistics from Iowa State University (Go cyclones!!!) with interest in development and poverty alleviation. My research has focused on understanding and prioritizing potential interventions by public, private and international organizations that can help alleviate poverty under different risks and uncertainties such as climate change and conflict.

I am currently a visiting fellow at Yale University working on the economics of climate change with focus on climate change impact on agriculture and understanding optimal adaptation strategies in Asia. I was a Senior lecturer at the University of Pretoria and research fellow at the Centre for Environmental Economics and Policy in Africa (CEEPA) and Bureau of Food and Agricultural Policy (BFAP), Department of Agricultural Economics, South Africa.

Data to test economic policies and theories are essential to an applied economist. I have been fortunate to work with different international agencies including the World Bank and United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) where I served as technical adviser on different projects or collaborated on research. I currently work primarily with the climate change adaptation team, UNDP-Global Environmental Finance, Sustainable Development Cluster of the Bureau for Policy and Programme Support (BPPS) at UNDP. I have learnt a lot working with these agencies on development programs and understanding how policies and different shocks influence household and other economic agents globally. Some of the research outputs can be found under my Field projects or Research page.

My research has been influenced by many excellent economists especially my PhD advisors (Joseph Herriges at Michigan State University) and Justin Tobias at Purdue University) that I learnt a lot about micro-econometrics and Bayesian Econometrics.