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Here are selected publications – please go to the google scholar page for other publication.

US consumers’ valuation of quality attributes in beef products
BO Abidoye, H Bulut, J Lawrence, B Mennecke, AM Townsend Journal of Agricultural and Applied Economics 43 (1), 1

Climate change and economic growth in Africa: an econometric analysis
BO Abidoye, AF Odusola Journal of African Economies 24 (2), 277-301

The effect of financial development on poverty and inequality in African countries
B Fowowe, B Abidoye The Manchester School 81 (4), 562-585

A quantitative assessment of the effect of financial development on poverty in African countries
B Fowowe, B Abidoye Department of Economics, University of Ibadan, Nigeria

The transmission of world maize price to South African maize market: a threshold cointegration approach
BO Abidoye, M Labuschagne Agricultural Economics 45 (4), 501-512

Controlling for observed and unobserved site characteristics in RUM models of recreation demand
BO Abidoye, JA Herriges, JL Tobias American Journal of Agricultural Economics 94 (5), 1070-1093

Firing cost and firm size: a study of Sri Lanka’s severance pay system
B Abidoye, PF Orazem, M VodopivecIowa State University Digital Repository

Income shocks and conflict: Evidence from Nigeria
B Abidoye, M Calì
The World Bank

Adoption of genetically modified crops in South Africa: Effects on wholesale maize prices
BO Abidoye, E MabayaAgrekon 53 (1), 104-123

The economics of crop adaptation to climate change in South-East Asia
B Reed, R Mendelsohn, BO Abidoye Climate Change Economics 8 (03), 1740002

Health-related quality of life and its contributory factors in allergic rhinitis patients in Nigeria
SO Adebola, B Abidoye, FE Ologe, OE Adebola, BA OyejolaAuris Nasus Larynx 43 (2), 171-175

Assessing the general equilibrium effects of social grants in South Africa
R Mabugu, M Chitiga, I Fofana, B Abidoye, V Mbanda17th Annual Conference on Global Economic Analysis “New Challenges in Food

South-East Asian farmer perceptions of climate change
BO Abidoye, P Kurukulasuriya, R Mendelsohn Climate Change Economics 8 (03), 1740006

Structural Ricardian analysis of South-East Asian agriculture
BO Abidoye, P Kurukulasuriya, B Reed, R Mendelsohn Climate Change Economics 8 (03), 1740005

Effects of Temperature and Rainfall Shocks on Economic Growth in Africa
A Odusola, B Abidoye Available at SSRN 3101790

Model uncertainty in characterizing recreation demand
BO Abidoye, JA Herriges Environmental and Resource Economics 53 (2), 251-277

Value of single source and backgrounded cattle as measured by health and feedlot profitability
BO Abidoye, JD Lawrence

An investigation into food-away-from-home consumption in South Africa
M Blick, BO Abidoye, JF Kirsten Development Southern Africa 35 (1), 39-52

South-East Asian Ricardian Studies: Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Thailand, And Vietnam
BO Abidoye, R Mendelsohn, S Ahmed, S Amanullah, C Chasidpon, …Climate Change Economics 8 (03), 1740004

Mandatory costs by firm size thresholds: firm location, growth and death in Sri Lanka
BO Abidoye, PF Orazem, M Vodopivec IZA Journal of Labor & Development 3 (1), 36

Making the Case for Ecosystem-based Adaption: The Global Mountain EBA Programme in Nepal, Peru and Uganda
NI Nyman, T Rossing, B Abidoye UNDP, United Nations Development Programme

Assessing the general equilibrium effect of social grants in South Africa
M Chitiga, R Mabugu, I Fofana, B Abidoye, V Mbanda

Shocks in food availability and intra-household resources allocation: evidence on children nutrition outcomes in Ethiopia
GB Tesfay, B Abidoye Agricultural and food economics 7 (1), 3

Public disclosure for carbon abatement: African decision-makers in a PROPER public good experiment
W Akpalu, B Abidoye, E Muchapondwa, W Simbanegavi Climate and Development 9 (6), 548-558
685. Correlation Between Hospitalized Influenza and Group A Streptococcus Infections in Minnesota, 2010–2016
O Arogbokun, A Bell, B Abidoye, K Como-Sabetti, M McMahon, R Lynfield Open Forum Infectious Diseases 5 (suppl_1), S247-S248

Are long-held beliefs and taboos on recycled water reducing in Southern Africa?
T Sacolo, B Abidoye Water Policy 19 (6), 1172-1188

B Abidoye, PF Orazem, M Vodopivec, D Acemoglu, S Johnson
World Bank 22 (1), 157-205

Public disclosure for pollution abatement
W Akpalu, B Abidoye, E Muchapondwa, W Simbanegavi
Health-Related Quality of Life and Its Contributory Factors in Allergic Rhinitis Patients in Nigeria
SO Adebola, B Abidoye, FE Ologe, OE Adebola, BA Oyejola Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery 151 (1_suppl), P120-P120

Assessing the Economywide Effects of Development Interventions: An Analytical Framework Applied to the South African Child Support
GrantI Fofana, M Chitiga, B Abidoye, R Mabugu, V Mbanda, S Ngandu

Assessing the general equilibrium effect of social grants in South Africa
M Chitiga-Mabugu, R Mabugu, I Fofana, B Abidoye, V MbandaWest Lafayette, Indiana, United States

An analytical framework applied to the South African child support grant
Fofana, Ismaël; Chitiga-Mabugu, Margaret; Abidoye, Babatunde; Mabugu, Ramos; Mbanda, Vandudzai; Ngandu, Stewart
Bayesian inference in modeling recreation demand
BO Abidoye
Digital Repository@ Iowa State University

Value of Single Source and Backgrounded Cattle as Measured by Health and Feedlot Profitability. Paper presented at the NCCC-134 Conference on Applied Commodity Price Analysis
B Abidoye, JD Lawrence
Master of Science Thesis, Oklahoma State University