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17 Years Experience!

My experience spans across academia and international development.

I have worked as Professor at leading international universities globally (Iowa State University, University of Pretoria, Yale University, George Mason University and London School of Economics and Political Science). I continue to work with students at different universities and train governments and policy makers on different economic tools.

London School of Economics
and Political Science

Senior Visiting Fellow

2019 - Present
Lead the team of researchers that supported UNDP South Africa’s country office on the socioeconomic impact of COVID-19 at the Micro and Macro level.


George Mason University

Affiliate Professor

2018 - Present
Lead Research on Environmental Science and Policy with publications in leading international journals and developing economical models to enhance growth.
Yale University

Visiting Fellow

2017 - 2018
Developed models on the economics of climate change adaptation globally. These models apply econometric techniques to understand the interaction between households and the environment and how policies can be used to change behavior.
World Bank


2014 - 2016
Lead research in the Poverty Global Practice Group (Poverty Reduction and Economic Management Unit) and Trade & Competitiveness Group.
United Nations Development Programme

Senior Economist Consultant

2017 - Present
Lead collaboration with partners (Green Climate Fund and academic partners) to apply impact evaluation techniques to measure the impact of UNDP investments globally.
University of Pretoria

Senior Lecturer (Assistant Professor)

2012 - 2017
Responsible for agricultural research at the University of Pretoria through the Bill and Melinda Gates Research grant.
Iowa State University

Graduate Research Assistant

2003 - 2010
Data Gathering for Dissertation and Early Career Research on the Pollution Control Aspects of Environmental Economics. US Environmental Protection Agency Competitive Grant. 2009.